Thursday, September 15, 2016

Giants Super Bowl Hero David Tyree Will be at the Kinnelon Stop & Shop This Saturday

I only just found out about this myself, just an hour or two ago as I write this. Former New York Giants wide receiver Dave Tyree will be in Kinnelon at the Stop and Shop this coming Saturday to sign autographs and pose for pictures. 

Tyree will likely always be remembered best for his one-handed catch that he made against the undefeated New England Patriots in Super Bowl XLII. That play may very well be the most memorable play in Super Bowl history, and some say that it just might have been the greatest one, as well. It likely should rank as the greatest catch in Super Bowl history, with Tyree coming down with the ball while holding onto it with one hand, pressing the ball against his helmet, all while being tackled by New England cornerback Rodney Harrison. t came just after Eli Manning had escaped what looked like it surely was going to be a sack on 3rd down, which would have put the Giants in a dire predicament, facing fourth and long. However, Manning somehow managed to break free, then launched what was admittedly a wobbly pass to Tyree, who made the amazing catch.  

A few plays later, Manning quickly snapped the ball when he found New England's defense in a formation that made them vulnerable (they were blitzing), and he completed a touchdown pass to Plaxico Burress, giving the Giants a 17-14 lead with roughly half a minute left in the game. The Giants defense had ravaged the Patriots record-shattering offense all night, and they finished the job when New England got the ball after that, thus securing New York's improbable victory, which dashed New England's hopes of the perfect season.

Tyree's incredible catch seemed to best symbolize the amazing finish - some might say the perfect finish - for the Giants, and he enjoyed quite the celebrity status afterward. That has lasted right to the present day, at least for Giants fans, which makes his coming appearance at the Kinnelon Stop and Shop a big deal.

I intend to try and go, but just wanted to publish this so that any other local people who might stumble on it could have a chance to meet Tyree, and perhaps get a picture with him, as well as an autograph - although it should be noted that there is a limit of one autograph per family.

Tyree lives in nearby Wayne, New Jersey, with his wife and four kids. He also is the Director of Player Development for the New York Giants.

Super Bowl Giant and Brady Killer, David Tyree to appear Saturday at Kinnelon Stop and Shop

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