Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Some of the Creepiest Things Children Have Said

I thought that this would be funny to share.

This was a humorous link about some of the creepiest things that kids have said to adults.

Have to admit, if my son ever said anything like these things, or if I someday have another child (by the off chance) and they say something like this, it would probably give me the creeps, at least on some level.

The closest thing that my son ever said similar was not directed at me, although I was present to hear it. He was saying it to my brother (his uncle), and he said in a falsetto voice, "I'm going to stab you."

When You See What These Kids Said, You'll Want To Run.

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  1. Yeah, I'd almost forgotten about that "I'm going to stab you" thing. He definitely puts the "offensive" in "charm offensive" with some of the things he comes up with. I looked through that list. Although items 1 through 4 were bad enough, number 5 somehow seemed more unsettling to me than the first 4 combined. Hopefully that was just some uncharacteristically bizarre behavior on that little girl's part, as opposed to a dark omen signaling a full-fledged psycho in the making. Number 8 was cringe-inducing for altogether different reasons. As for number 14, what a horrific thing for that little shit to say to his grandmother. Even at the tender age of 3, it seems hard to fathom that it didn't occur to him that those words would be upsetting to her. This whole subject reminds me of some of the, shall we euphemistically say "less than extremely endearing" shit I said as a kid. Who knows - when I look at the state of my life these days, maybe the proponents of karma are actually onto something...