Saturday, July 30, 2016

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Claims There Are No Rock Stars These Days

Not too long ago, I published a review (mostly unfavorable) about Anthony Kiedis and his autobiography, "Scar Tissue."

It was a bit surprising to me that the vast majority of reviews on the Amazon website were so favorable, because frankly, it seemed to me to be a transparent admission of his own egotism and commitment to self-indulgence. Notice that I did not word that as if it were strictly in the past.

Well, perhaps my opinion differs from those of most other readers. While there was some interesting information about some of the songs and their background (such as how the lyrical inspiration for "I Could Have Lied" from the "Blood Sugar Sex Magic" album was about Sinead O'Connor), it seemed that this was kept to a minimum, because he was too busy describing how many hot chicks he banged, or how often he found drugs or other substances to abuse, and some of the crazy shit that he did while under the influence, or what unbelievably nice things he managed to obtain with all of the money that he made, with the undertone always being that he is this big, huge rock star, and that this grants him access to all sorts of privileges that are not open to everyone else who happens not to be a rich, famous rock star.

In any case, Kiedis recently mentioned how he does not believe there really are "rock stars" in the present age, suggesting that the real age of rock stars came in the seventies, when rock stars really went crazy. What he means is that this was the age of real substance abuse and excess, when rock stars would buy their own jets and such, and would have the wildest parties.

I don't know. Kiedis himself did a pretty good job of acting the part of a rock star on his own from the nineties on to the present day, so far as I could tell in reading that book of his.

Red Hot Chili Peppers’ Anthony Kiedis Calls Today’s Rock Stars Wannabes, Talks Retirement By Brett Buchanan -  Jun 28, 2016

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